About the National Youth Partnership

Government and the Co-op Foundation, through the Building Connections Fund, are supporting The National Youth Partnership to develop a range of resources to help workers and organisations support young people to tackle loneliness and isolation.

The National Youth Partnership consists of some of the most experienced and knowledgeable youth work practitioners and managers in the country. Each member of our Partnership has many years’ experience in providing training, professional development and strategic support to youth sector colleagues across the whole of the country.

The resources that have been developed are a starting point. We are keen that colleagues working with young people add their ideas, examples of projects, details of sessions, research and evaluation to help build a central repository of practice and information for the benefit of all.

The National Youth Partnership consists of the following organisations:

• Youth Focus: North East

• Youth Focus: North West

• Yorkshire and Humber: Youth Work Unit

• Partnership for Young London

• National Youth Agency

• Youth Focus: West Midlands

• Youth Focus South West C.I.C

• Gill Millar – Consultant

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