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A range of resources can be found across this website. We thought it would also be helpful to pull them together in one place. We really want to grow this part of the website, so if you have things you would like to add or would like to share your thoughts on the usefulness of the resources – in order to improve them – then please contact mail@youthfocusne.org.uk

Care Experience Young People Session Plan

This session was designed by Youth Focus NW who are a “strategic hub with youth work values at the heart of every piece of work. Across the North West of England and beyond our work is driven by a desire to improve the lives of young people. 

In this together

Young people’s experiences of loneliness in the spring/summer 2020 lockdown, and beyond

Rise Project – Loneliness, Isolation, Connection and Transition

Rise is a social action project, we use music to engage young people in exploring their ideas and experiences of loneliness,  isolation and moving to high school. We then challenge them to think how they can use these experiences to help others. Make Some Noise worked across several schools in the Stoke On Trent area both primary and secondary. In the primary schools we used the resources created in year one of the project in combination with facilitated music sessions to help participants explore their attitudes toward moving school, express their fears and hopes about this and explore the value of friendship and connection by writing a song as a class.

At St Peter’s academy we worked with a group of especially vulnerable students in the year 7 nature group and helped them develop new skills and explore their attitudes to friendship and connection. At the Coop Academy we worked with year 7 and year 10 groups and the coop young leaders to explore all of the above and to help design a set of resources that could be used with year 6 pupils to communicate ideas around the aims of the project and to encourage them to support each other and to seek support if they need it.

As One… Not Alone. Tackling youth loneliness through youth work and healthy relationships.

This project is the product of collaborative effort of young people in the UK Youth Movement, with the aim to produce an up-to-date and helpful guide for youth workers in order to identify and tackle youth loneliness in their communities.

What makes life good? Care leavers’ views on their well-being

This report analyses 1,804 care leaver responses collected in 21 English local authorities between 2017 and 2019.

National Youth Voice Survey 2019

Findings and recommendations from a 2019 survey, capturing Young People’s voices, bringing them to the forefront to crucial conversations around strengthening communities.

Tackling Loneliness Resource Pack

Resources to help you learn about loneliness and tackle it.

One-day Training Guide for Professionals

This one day training course has been designed to raise awareness and improve understanding about youth loneliness. The delivery of this training can be adapted depending on the level of knowledge participants have. 

Youth Loneliness Sense Check Tool 

We have developed a tool to help organisations and professionals to assess their current knowledge about youth loneliness and isolation, improve their understanding and to help develop their responses to this issue. 

The link to the tool can be found here.


We Are You

This ten minute film made by young people can be used to start conversations about loneliness and isolation. 

Let’s Talk Loneliness

UK Youth is supporting a network of organisations working across the United Kingdom to support young people to tackle loneliness and isolation. UK Youth who have produced a blog around this work called Let’s Talk Loneliness. 

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