Evaluating Your Work On Youth Loneliness

Evaluation is an important part of our work – we need to review what we do in order to make sure we are supporting young people in the most effective ways. This section contains useful information to help organisations understand the difference their work makes.

Evaluating your work – a framework

Hundreds of charities, social enterprises and community groups across the country are working to alleviate loneliness and help people feel more connected to each other, but we need to know that the work they are doing is making a difference. Following a review of loneliness interventions, and the Government’s strategy to tackle loneliness in England, the Office for National Statistics worked with a panel of experts to recommend a set of questions to help measure loneliness. The measures will be used in research and national surveys to help build a better picture of loneliness.

They are also contained in this helpful guide from What Works for Wellbeing to help you consider the difference your work makes or can make.

Measuring the impact of youth work

It is important that organisations have systems, processes or tools that can effectively measure the impact their work has. The Centre for Youth Impact has developed a useful resource hub that will help you navigate the wide range of tools, resources, reports, essays and case studies available on impact and evaluation. The link to this can be found here.

As well as practical resources, The Centre for Youth Impact support a range of networks where people can share, explore and develop practice, approaches and ideas. The link to the networks can be found here.

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